A Heritage of Faith

After pastoring and pioneering several (7) churches, Norman felt the Lord's call to travel and teach God's people the reality of The Word as a lifestyle for daily living. The mandate given was 'To take God's people from where they were in their experience to where God says they are in His Word.' Dr Campbell pioneered the Word of Faith movement in Australia and was recommended by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin as the only man in Australia who was teaching Faith That Really Works, at that time in 1978.

Dr Norman is the author of Bible Courses which are being used by congregations across the world as a basis for their teaching programs. He has also authored manuals on:

  • Leadership and Growth
  • How to Handle Life's Problems
  • Biblical Money Management Manual
  • Word faith Works
  • Love That Lasts a Lifetime
  • Life Principles for the Achiever
  • Jesus is the Healer
  • Weapons, Warfare & Winning
  • Keys for Receiving from the Lord - A Study of Matthew 8


Dr Norm demonstrates a remarkable confidence in God's Word and communicates this to his listeners. He conducts many seminars with business and networking groups on areas of business and the financial realm. His seminar; 'Broke is Temporary But Poor is an Attitude', has brought great financial breakthroughs wherever he teaches the program. Camps, conventions and seminars have been particularly effective with this teaching ministry, as it has a How To Do It approach to teaching. Norm has conducted conventions for Rhema Family Church in Papua New Guinea and a Marriage Enrichment seminar in Lae, Papua New Guinea. He has taught in Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries in Manilla, Philippines.

Worldwide Outreach

Dr. Norman Campbell teaches the Word of God through live seminars, teaching manuals and online. Two FREE weekly email studies, NORMality on Sunday and DR Norm's MIDWEEK FAITH BOOSTER on Wednesday, are presently sent to several thousand believers in 96 countries. To subscribe, please complete the subscription at the bottom of the page.

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